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Do I need to get approval from my doctor to do these exercises?

If you have an injury that limits your ability in any way, let your trainer know before the session and he/she will modify the workout for your specific needs. If you have a pre-existing condition that limits your ability to workout overall, such as asthma, we recommend you talk to your doctor to see what intensities and exercises may not be suitable for your condition.

I’ve never worked out before, is this going to be too challenging for me?

If you’ve never worked out, Gainz Fit Club is just the place to get you started! While we do offer a challenging program, each and every exercise can be altered and/or modified for all skill levels.

Are the women’s only classes completely private?

All women’s classes are behind closed doors with female instructors to insure comfort and focus.

Do you offer guest passes or referral discounts?

We do offer a free trial class for fitness or boxing for guests or potential members. Remember to bring your own wraps and gloves if you want to try a boxing session.

Are your trainers certified?

All of our trainers and coaches are certified and have years or experience in their specific fields.

Can we families work out together, if so, how many people are needed to do a family workout?

Family/Specified Group workouts are run on a case by case basis. Contact Gainz Fit Club if you are interested in a workout for your family and/or colleagues.

Will there be co-ed classes or is everything separate?

All of our classes are separated for men and women with the exception of our kid’s (ages 7-12) boxing program.

Is there an age limit to the classes?

Our fitness programs are geared towards individuals at or above 15 years of age with parental consent. Our boxing program is separated by age; Kids’ Boxing: 7-12 ; Teen Girl’s/Boy’s Boxing: 12-19 ; Men’s/Women’s Boxing: 18+ (advancement in classes may depend on skill along with age).

Are there different levels of membership?

Our memberships include fitness memberships, boxing memberships, and dual memberships for both programs. We also offer couples and family memberships. More specific information about memberships and pricing is available on our membership page.

What sterilization technique are you using?

Here at Gainz Fit Club we value your safety above all else. Due to this we replicate hospital sanitation techniques as closely as possible. Upon entering, temperature is checked and hands are sanitized. Between each fitness session, the trainers will wipe spray and wipe down any and all equipment used or handled during the workout. Then, the floors and turf will be sprayed down with our disinfectant spray to eliminate any possible contamination through sweat and touch etc. Masks are worn by all staff and client base. All classes are run with a social distance of approximately 6 feet. There is a 10 person limit per class so that we may ensure social distancing is taking place. All classes are non-contact, including boxing to ensure your safety.